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♡ MUSIC FOR KISSIN ROBOTS ♡ • listen pixel hearts credit

beta love ra ra riot // jenny (eqavox remix) studio killers // 8bit love breakbot // my circuitboard city the wombats // daft punk is playing at my house (soulwax shibuya mix) lcd soundsystem // we exist (night drive edit) arcade fire // electric twist a fine frenzy // settle down (feature cuts remix) kimbra // circuit lover she // flash delirium mgmt

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In order of youngest to oldest, Newt and his siblings

can you guess who the black sheep is?

talks about them more after the cut

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Another old work.

One of my favourite set EVER.


Go check the whole series at THE.ORY PhotoArt ;)

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I know it’s weird but Newt’s comfortable being naked around other’s and vice versa.. Mostly because he’s used to it thanks to being around older brothers and then later at the warlord camp, zero privacy.

Although this mostly applies to men, around other genders he might get more flustered… And only if said nudity isn’t going to lead to anything.

But yes, it helps because he has to use a public bathhouse since he doesn’t have a bathroom uvu;

Also, if he’s invited over to/stays the night at somebody’s house, using their bathroom would be his top priority.. Like just up and use their bath/shower right away. He’s not a very good guest, like that.

Also picturing him right now.. “I need to use bathroom! Hair needs to be dyed… I can come in? ovo *holding all his supplies*”

Also on last really inappropriate head canon (for real) under the cut..

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The one thing Newt’s truly confident about uvu Fuckingwithtech

(iunno I just had this idea in my head. I don’t even know who he’s talking about, he wouldn’t easily talk about his past…)

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